Fairy gales!

Once upon a time in a far, far away kingdom called ‘Dhorra’[place where I live. i know. eww name!] a pretty little princess was zipping around happily on her fairy ride (scooty) dodging a puddle here, a bumpy bump there, when suddenly she was hit.....................

(gotcha!)................with an idea! She thought, as she made her way across what-passed- under-the–name-of-road, what if she didn’t have to drive everywhere by herself, no matter how royal her fairy ride was, of course? What if she had a driver?!
It was just that she was bored with driving herself alone and decided she needed a driver, while she could sit in the ‘royal’ back seat and enjoy the wind in her hair.........But who would want to apply for such a post which would not pay him/her anything?.............yes, this was the pretty little princess’ secret. She was a
‘poor princess’!
Oh, she had all the trinkets and baubles she needed and all other things which were necessary for a comfortable living-food, clothes, her own princess bed, internet, some more clothes, junk food, oxygen.................and of course love. Everyone loved her, for she was a lovely little princess. But she did not have money. Oh no, no. The King(her royal father) would give her everything but money, for he adviced-‘She who hath money in thy hands, is a free bird’. And he could not let his pretty princess fly away. Because after all, everyone loved her.
So thus she wondered how she could possibly have a driver for her royal ride when she had no money? She thought, Oh poor little me, i have no money, where shall i find a driver? She thought she could sell something of hers’ and get money, but she couldn’t really part with her so-lovingly-given-trinkets, could she? Oh no. She could not. You see readers, she had become a spoilt little princess. Love did that to her(and not the trinkets.)
Thus she went on thinking. What remedy had she? How to entice a driver?.............As she was passing by a dinghy little shop, she saw a little boy sitting idly by and staring at her. He was wearing ragged clothes and seemed very dirty. The little princess slowed her fairy ride to a halt. She thought, this little boy seems old enough to drive, and he seems poorer than me! oh poor soul! Maybe if I give him something to eat everyday, he would want to drive me around!?!................................... Yes, I am so brilliant, she thought.
She hesitantly gave him a smile. The boy did not change his expression. He kept the same expression he had, when he was staring at her-blank. She widened her smile, and his expression changed. The pretty little princess thought he seemed curious. But dear readers, the truth was, his expression said something else. It said
- oh-my-gawd-is-this-the-mad-woman-everyone-laughs-about?
The princess cleared her throat and asked the little boy, “Greetings, my little man. I have a request to make. Will you be kind enough to drive me around on my fairy ride if i give you good things to eat everyday? It’s just for one or two hours a day. That is, i hope you know how to drive?”
And she kept on smiling.
The boy hesitated and then said,
“I know how to drive, ma’am, but i need a little practice first. Then i could surely help you, ma’am.”
“But of course, my little man.” The princess replied, smiling. “Here, try this. It’s very easy. It’s just in the balance.” She got down from her fairy ride and handed it to him.
The little boy sat tentatively at first and then after a while, he seemed to relax. The princess encouraged him,
“Go on, it’s very easy.”
The boy looked at her then and smiled shyly. He started the engine and advanced. Slowly he could balance and soon he picked up speed. The princess laughed after him, “There you go. A fast learner!”
Soon, the boy could only be seen at a distance. The princess smiled and sat down beside the shop. Yes, i am so very resourceful and smart, she thought to herself, Father will be so proud!
Thus she sat there contented, and waited for the boy to come zipping back.
And she waited. And waited. And waited.
But the boy...............he never came................................!
And they say to this day, the pretty little princess never had any more ideas.


Aurangzeb said...

haha lovely! :) When I was a child I used to be like that!

By the way, did you really do that stupid thing???

maria said...


HAHAHAHA...............good one mate!!

This fairy princess aka cool muslimah has a scooty with a driver..hahaha *wink*

that was good work of your imagination..i loved the part where the fairy is so much loved by alll..

"fairy ride......loooooooooooooool"
=>imagine your pep then this statement.

good work mashAllah,,

take care
~Cool Muslimah~

P.S- Bro Aurangzeb ambar isn't THAT mad!! She just made that up..her scoty is still safe n sound alhamdulillah..

Asmi's Journal said...


Awww, that's so sad that the princess doesn't have anymore ideas now. *sigh* Yes, I got the joke but it had a sad ending!!! Ambareen, you have to write part two where she teaches that thieving scum a good lesson!

~Asmi :)

ambareen said...

thank you ppl! :)
@aurangzeb: thank god, i don't get that many ideas, so i'm safe! ;) n u wr lyk that when you were a kid!?? hahaha! pretty tough childhood!
@cool m: yeah, lucky you. u have a wonderful driver! :-(
and glad you lykd my story. it's not 'dumb'! ahhh........i am honored!
@ asmi: that so??? hmmm.......part two now, should i? will have to crack my brains harder :-(..it already hurts. but will try. just lemme think about it!
thanx for the suggestion, pal. :)

Adib said...

What a great story! Although I did have to get used to reading so many pink words. The ending was really sad, and hopefully she learns from it. =\

ambareen said...

Thank you! :) oops, sorry about the font color. Chose pink cuz i thot ths story deserves 'pink'-ness! Wil rectify it.
It's sad! Hm, i think evry1 lykd the princess more than i thot! :P

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

hey girlie...
that was a wonderful little story....
and wat a twist to the story...!!!!
did that really happen to you dear???
am sorry..
but... that wud make it all the more funny ;D ;D

DPhatsez said...


So much pink! Uff! so girly

Anonymous said...

hey there ambareen... u just got tagged with a lil sticky note..watch out..

man i cnt get ur name out of my head...is real pretty ambareen.. i cud just go on and on with it.. its like a real pure joy of an emotion!!!

"....ah so ambareen... i feel so ambareen..." :)

ambareen said...

@jalpari: no way ya, i'm a very smart girl, and also im not a princess :((

@Dphatsez: yep, she was girly pink, hence the end of the story. though no offense, anyone.

@onethoughton: thank you so much. never had so much appreciation for my name b4!! 'ambareen' feels honored. :)

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