Living memories

I have been busy the past few days having ‘fun time’ with my cousins who came for a visit. But now that they are gone, it’s kinda lonely here.(seeing that mom has also gone with them for a holiday visit and so there are no shrieking voices reverberating around the walls of the house to ‘get up!’ or ‘eat your meal’ or ‘stop doing that!’ or ‘what’s that under your pillow?’[oops, that’s for my bro! ;)] or ‘clean your room’ or ‘buzz off!’(oh wait, that’s my bro) or ‘get up’ (yeah, i sleep a lot!) get the picture.)Anyway, the time i got to spend with my cousins was a great one. I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic, these times have been so few and far between lately. When we were young(not that i’m old! Goobly woobly goo gaa[just reinforced that for good measure. I am still a baby guys!].....gaaaaa!) everyone used to gather at the ‘home front’(the true home after all) and forget about their jobs, and schools, and depressions and just get down and dirty(not that one, you perverts!), i mean the literal down and dirty. Splashing in the mud and rain, running after each other for innumerable things, like ‘he hit me!’, ‘he stole my mango’ or ‘i can kick your ass you brute’(of course the language was not so civilised!) brings back so many memories, and i know that most of us look back to such days once in a while and reminisce about always brings smiles and tears(gawd, i have been watching too much bollywood crap, forgive me!)
And Now? No one has a free day from the job, or the school, even 1st graders are stuck at ‘home’ pouring over books meant for an MBBS graduate(okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but believe me, its not too far from the truth.) now summers are meant to sit at home and pour over ‘holiday homework’ for the kids, and for the grown-ups ‘summers’ only mean added perspiration at work. ‘Playing’ now means having a go at their PS2s and nintendos which only teach them violence and that Which Must Not Be Named [ ;) ] For me, since I’m going to join my college to pursue my MBA soon(on the 21st of June) it’s the last ‘fun time’ i could have coz now it’s straight from the gruelling course to the gruelling job. So forgive me for sounding so down, because i can’t help it. I’m venturing out of my home town for the first time, and i’m excited beyond excitement, but there’s of course a little bit of nostalgia lingering behind.Here’s to ‘life and success’ which is NOT about earning and high-flying, but about how many times have you REALLY laughed and cherished.
WARNING: All the above written text is inspired from watching too many bollywood movies and Indian Serials, and has no connection with the author’s original and much-esteemed viewpoints in any case. The author was momentarily out of her senses and hence takes no responsibility if you were bored, thereof. The rights too sue her for the same have been stripped from court and hence will not be entertained in any case.


JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

well dear anyone who finds this post boring wud be a person widout a heart...
it's a beautiful post...
though i never really had cousins... i do know how different things used to be wen we were kids... and how things have changed...
that's the way life is.. nai?
it keeps moving on and on...
make the best of each day gal..:)
and ya!! congrats for the MBA ...:) :)

ambareen said...

Thank u so much, sweety :)
yeah, evryone has seen and felt that tym once atlst, n thoz who haven't...ah they hv msd the true thngs in lyf. But evry1 has there own share of happiness.
Yes, all v hv 2 do is make the best of each day.
Live on :D

CooL MuslimaH said...


sigh! mate i can truly feel u know i'm back from the place which makes me VERY nostalgic...And your line

"a little bit of nostalgia lingering behind"...made me a lil sad
*cool muslimah runs away bawling*.........LOL.

the last warning wasa good intention..keep it up!

CooL MuslimaH said...



ambareen said...

Walekmasalam... Yes u sure can relate 2 it... Luk back at 'em n enjoy, not b sad.
Awww.... U were bawling! Wish i'd bn thr 2 c it :P
kp bawling.

CooL MuslimaH said...

Hey i've answered the tag questions...and mind you

I've used a horrible font color..yes i cud have changed it but ................long story!

~Cool Muslimah~

Asmi's Journal said...

Hey, this was boring! Where's my lawyer? I want to speak to my lawyer!

Lol just kidding! ;)

Anyway, wow, Ambareen this was, as usual, another beautiful, funny and erm beautiful post from you! :)

But I thought it ended too quick. Maybe I liked it too much ;)

I love the pictures you added too.

Plus, Good luck with your MBA! You're almost done with 'education', isn't that a great feeling? I can't wait to get out of school!

Looking forward to your next awesome post!!! <333 :)

ambareen said...

@asmi:Talk 2 ur lawyer all u want. U aint gonna b able 2 sue me, missy. Hah, ME!! ME!? Hahaha. In ur dreams.[whoops sory, mr.Bigshot got me! ;)]
bt thanx once again, mate. Dont praise me ths much, it mite get 2 my head.(seeing as above.)
yeah, 'education' tym sure wrapping up 4 me. Bt school tym's the best in lyf. Enjoy it while u can. :)
me2 lukng fwd 2 urs. N glad u r so much more regular than me.

Aurangzeb said...

The WARNING was really awesome!

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