beginners begin

Finally, after years (yes years!) of putting it down, and then writing an entry and deleting it again (5 times) due to fear of commitment to it, I have officially started my blog. And what i feel is -relief! I have wanted to do this for quite a long time but could only get up2 here.
Anyway, I would love to start with a bit about ‘moi’. I have been a student of BA (linguistics) these past 3 yrs of graduation, and I chose to change my field to management(have no idea, why though.) Now I am going to study at IMT-Ghaziabad from June onwards. Just finished up with my final year exams, now for 2 months i am as free as a bird.......Anyway, I live in this ‘countryside’ kinda place in Aligarh which gets hellishly boring, so moving out is a definite ‘eagerly-awaited-event’ for me!
I love to read novels like a maniac (and puhleez for those who want to crack a PJ here, that’s a metaphor only!). I listen to music a lot. My typical position at home is earphones plugged in and a novel in my hand, sitting by the edge of my bed all curled up, and every1 has to shout in my eardrums to get my attention.
Anyway, enough about me (though of course not yet, there’s a lot to come!). But basically, I want to talk and blab and fry any kinda topic I feel like ‘talking’ and ‘blabbing’ and ‘frying’, so whatever grabs my attention.............
Firstly I wanted to write a sorta ‘tribute’ to linguistics, coz I’m finally leaving it and i do feel bad that i won’t get to explore it further(though I am gonna keep it ‘at my side’ whichever way i can). Have to prepare an apt tribute, so will get back with it in my next post. Soon.
Aaaaaaah, so I welcome myself to the blogger’s inc. (since no1 volunteered to L)
Comments always invited (very eagerly. I could hold you to a gun-point if u don’t leave 1, but hey, no pressure!)


CooL MuslimaH said...


PLEASANT SURPISE!! congratulations u followed my lead...hehe.

Just checked my mail and saw ur blog.

FRom when have u bcum so self-obsessed?? just writing about yourself..(and u call me egoist!)

and yeah please edit the info in "About Me"- from 'sometimes wierd' change it to 'forever wierd'...muhahaha

WOW u c the honour bestowed upon u?? The first comment to be posted on your bolg is of "Princess" sure to be a hit blog!

ok ..jokes apart...Welcome to the world of Bloggers..i'm truly happy you finally created a blog...looking forward to great posts coming up from "my little creative genius"...Best of luck.


ambareen said...

well i gotta take out my self-obsession angst guys never gimme a chance! ;)
yeah right. huge honor!

Asmi's Journal said...

haha! lol, great blog here! I'm looking forward to your posts!

ambareen said...

Thanku. Thanku. Me 2 luking fwd 2 write. ;)

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