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Books. They have given me so much.........! Whatever I am today, its because of what i have read. My writing skills, my speech, my knowledge (wot knowledge? ;) it’s all because i used to curl up with a book since my toddler days! Yes, it was Disney story books when I was little, i used to sketch on them and chew them and tear them..............ah the love i had for them!
Then it was the Enid Blytons and the ‘older’ story books......the Nancy Drews and the sweet valleys, the Goosebumps and the with my school mates, and reading them by hiding ‘em infront of my big Science book, and mum never knew! Ah, so clever they made me! These books were a fascination. The adventurous fatty, the tomboy George, the naughty Darrel, the o’sullivan twins, the clever Nancy, the sweet Bess, and those horrific R.L.Stine ghosts..............and who could forget my favourite sweet valley twins, Elizabeth and Jessica.......ok i could go on with this forever!! But all have stayed with me and i have had innumerable adventures with them, and solved mysteries with them...........and learned sooooo much.
Now i see the analytical side of these kiddie books. The insight into people’s characters, the laws of life, their worlds, so unknown to my inexperienced eyes......what a world i had unveiled. I knew about scones, when people could not even pronounce it, i knew about boyfriends, even when my friends said ‘eeeewwwwwwww!’ to boys(i mean me too ;)!
Then i graduated to the ‘thinking’ books..........the classics, the moderns..........and the philosophicals( though yawn!! Still) and the Harry Potters.I absolutely adore classics, they are sooooooo...................’classic’! What beautiful language, what mannerisms, what insight and thoughtfulness.............and tragedies. It’s just too romantic for my own good! And the brutal modern books, so not afraid to portray reality, so succinct and true.......and of course Harry Potter. I am really proud of the fact (however absolutely dumb) that i started reading it way before it became so abominably famous. And well, I am absolutely jealous of any other Harry potter well. Stay away! Most people think it’s kiddish, but i think i haven’t read a more philosophical book. I would give anything to have 1/10th of J.K.Rowling’s talent, she’s like ‘omg’! She has the cleverness of Hermione, the wit of Fred and George, the wisdom of Dumbledore and the courage of’s just too good for i’ll just stop before i ruin it (if i haven’t done that already!)
Now I read books by the dozen, so I cant even start naming them......I heard someone once saying, reading books is like borrowing someone else’s thoughts, you lose your own that so??
Am I ‘splinching’ my character?? I for one, don’t think so. Books give me new views and new ideas. When i read a book, my usually dormant imagination comes alive and kicking, not because i ‘borrowed’ an idea, but because i ‘found’ one.(and not in the plagiarising sense!!)
Yes there are a lot of downsides to reading books. I know that i have neglected a lot of important work because of them. At some points of time, I have even become asocial (also antisocial, but very rarely). I have read some books which have affected me negatively (like i had become impossibly romantic!) But still, if you know where the line separates fiction and reality, you have nothing to fear(and yes, i know that!)..............this post has gone on too long. So will stop......will get back with the next.
Long live authors and their books. Hope to join them someday. J


CooL MuslimaH said...


MAte u forget your friend who has also helped in making what you are today by lending u half of the books which moulded your writing,speaking.....etc skills.haha

CHEW THEm????????? You used to chew books??? Why? yeh kaisi mohabbat hui kitabo se..ALLAH!
Alhamdulillah i walked at the right time and saved you from becoming a "bakri".

Impossible romantic!! (when? u never told me .....)hmmmm... i told u to keep away from those ..._ &_.


As usual You have written and expressed very beautifully the experience of reading...I agree with what u have written.

And InshAllah you WILL one day join the authors list..u r so perfect in this art! mashAllah.

take care

looking forward to other articles by you..

ambareen said...

I didn't 'forget', just chose 2 leave it out 4 ths post cuz it got too long. N i hd a whole story. Bt 4 those reading ths, the 'your's truly' above me, introduced me 2 buks wen we wr lil kids.
Thanx 4 ur faith in me. Hope i live up2 it. N u mine :)

CooL MuslimaH said...

Ooo..u have what hopes from me?? hmm!

And u ignored my 2 comments - my 3rd and 4th one.,,speak up regarding em...

also in ur comment above it seems as if i introduced u to 2 books..i racked my brain as to which 2 books! enid blyton or what..and then i re-read it and bingo! it was something else hahaha! my poor

ambareen said...

Lol. Poor lil brain of urs. 2 much stress.
N i wasnt referring 2 the _&_ sense 'romantic'. (thou a little! :P) i meant romantic as in expecting fantasy n wishng 4 it instead of reality.

ambareen said...

And plz gimme sm credit. I ws a lil kid. N weird. I cudnt read, so i learnd by chewing! I stil chew tiny bits of paper, btw. ;) whoops. Plz don't send me 2 an asylum :-(

ambareen said...

Sory, hd 2 write 3 tyms! I alwys forgot a q.
Wel, hopes 4 u. Wot u have 4 me, i hv 4 u. U have a wonderful imagination. Wil just quote dumbledore here, wen he gv the invisibility cloak 2 harry, 'use it well.' ;)
love ya.

CooL MuslimaH said...

thanks for the compliment.

Allah sabki jaayaz khwahishey poori karey.ameen

Asmi's Journal said...

Oh wow, yay, long live authors! And I can't wait to read your books once you become an author. :)

And I'm an HP fan too!

ambareen said...

Yay for that! :D
HP fan! Hmm... Don't worry, won't petrify u! Even if i cud! ;) v cud hv long arguments ovr it though :P
thanx 4 ur support. Again, honored.

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