my poetry.

This is a poem i wrote a long time back. It’s about a woman who has all the money, name fame..................the works. But she realizes as she reaches the ‘top’ position, that there’s no one to share her life, and success is not what it’s cracked up to be. See, I was running out of ideas as to what to post about, so i thought of putting this up. Bear it :), until i crack my brains for something else to post. Love all.
All that glitters.......
I hear the sound of silence,
In this spring-filled blossomed paradise,
I watch the ripples to oblivion,
And I breathe a tranquil sigh.

I notice a dried-old leaf,
Brown with age and so dead,
The dew glistens on its surface,
So enticing to its effect.

I smile inwardly at the irony,
Me and the leaf so alike,
All glitter and gloss on surface,
And it’s all obsolete inside.

My heart’s devoid of desires,
Each day comes and shifts along,
The monotony has entrapped me,
Is this where I belong?

On the ‘top’ i am believed to be,
And so may be the truth i reckon,
Since no one’s there beside me,
All alone i stand, so withdrawn.

I breathe out another sigh,
But not as tranquil to effect,
It’s time again to fake the smiles,
And face what I have come to detest.

P.S: I sound so bitter and sad.......but to make myself clear, this is not about ‘me’(since i’m no where near ‘success’. But a girl’s allowed to write imaginary crap sometimes![since reality crap is nowhere to be found these days]......).
So my advice-Success is not money, it’s happiness. (I have been going on about ‘success’ a lot lately...............hmmmm.............i wonder........:O)


Asmi's Journal said...

What?! You think you can get away with posting a poem? I can't believe I had to bear through it all!
Lol, just kidding, I've written a couple of poem posts as well u.U

Ummm, so I guess you expect a review...

*looking all solemn*

Wow, she must've been so lonely to be able to hear the 'sound of silence.' I love the imagery. You know I'm a sucker for imagery. It's interesting to note the way she deals with her loneliness. I mean, some people would have cried and got depressed. But she's so...tranquil. And the saddest part is, by the end of the poem, she doesn't find any solution. She just goes back to all the glitter though she hates it. *sigh* Look what you've done! Now you've made me all sad! Argh! D,:

maria said...
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CooL MuslimaH said...


hey i was also thinking of posting my poem too on my blog....

Anyway u know i need not comment on ur poem..i have given my reviews on each poem already..They are awesome mashAllah..

And thanks for the comment on my meant a lot..Love ya..and will miss ya...
~Cool Muslimah~

CooL MuslimaH said...

and the comment by maria was written by me ..maria was actually logged in so by mistake instead of me her name came... said...

Wow, that's one great poem there!

ambareen said...

@ asmi: awww, hw sweet of u 2 write me a review n go all solemn! Really appreciate the views. Yes i also m kinda sucker 4 imagery!
And i made u sad! Waaaaawn! :-(
@ cool m: its no trouble 4 me friend. Keep 'em cming n i keep on commenting.
My poems r awesm? Blush, blush! :P
@ siradib: thank u so so very much! :D
u took out tym 2 read my poem ws enuf 4 me!

Thoughton said...

hey ambareen...

is that ur real name by the way? if it is, then its really beautiful!!!

thanks for checkin out my blog! i like ur poem.. u seem like somebody who s into a lot of introspection... dats quite nice... keep writing... its got a soul in it... will come back!!! :) great day!

ambareen said...

thank you! yep, that's my real name.
your blog is gr8, will keep in touch! :) introspective????.....that's smthing to think about.....! :P thanx again.

Himshikha said...

Cool one, imagination for us but reality for others.
Life is all about winning your loneliness.....

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