Sophistication woes.

I was old. Maybe 5-6 yrs old. People say that it’s young. But i felt like a grown-up. I shook my head at the kids playing with the tricycle. Ah, kids. I thought. They think this little thing will get them to Disneyland(well, atleast I was imaginative enough to think that, when i was their age. So long ago.) and I sighed. My Uncle laughed at my ‘sighing’ and pulled my cheeks until they ached. I scowled at him. He found that funnier somehow and pulled my cheeks again. I was ready to call my big brother this time, and I called out to him, but all that came out was, ‘waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhnnnnn’. It hurt!!! Now my uncle looked flustered. ‘Aw, poor baby! No, no. Don’t cry. See your Mum is calling you’! Ah, the ‘safe exit’ for him. I sighed again........elders! So Predictable. Hiding behind Mum!
I stepped away from him. My new high-heeled shoes( okay not mine. borrowed from mum) were beautiful and i smiled at them and took another step. The smile turned into a grimace as I fell head first after another step. Don’t cry, I ordered myself. No. Don’t. But tears were already rolling down my face and my voice was following suit. Stupid reflex actions! Never listen to you.
After much fretting and petting as i stood there rolling my eyes, mum and my uncle crooned in their nauseating voices,Never mind, baby. You look so pretty!’ I perked up at that immediately and my tears were suddenly dry. i smiled. I heard sighs of relief around me as everyone turned back to their activities. Gossiping. Ah, so busy. Always.
I stepped out of my borrowed shoes. And tucked them in a corner. I had already reasoned with myself. These were meant for parties only. Not for just any ordinary day like this one. I would prefer to wear my flip-flops. For now. I am so level-headed. I smiled again. I tangled my hands through the pearl strings. (again, borrowed from mum. Gimme a break. I don’t have a sister!) I had a sudden urge to yank at them, and see the pearls running about. I tried, but nothing happened. Oh well, I was a girl anyway. Not strong enough.
I sat and crossed my legs and drew my dress over them as I saw Mom sitting the same way. I curled a hand under my chin and looked at my uncle and Mum. They were yappity-yapping away. Don’t know about what. I caught a smattering of their words. He. Smiled. Ran. Vehi- vehi-aww. Whatever. Older people are so boring. My age- ‘old’ were the best. We could talk about interesting stuff atleast........... i yawned. My uncle suddenly stretched his hand and 'tousled' my hair. I sat there, stunned. Open-mouthed. How dare he.....!!?? i spent ages combing it with mum’s comb. I had smoothed it down with drops of water. (Mum put her gel bottle really high up on the shelf &*££%£$@!! ) And my ‘uncle’(really had a hard time forming that word now!) ..................aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh!!! I was trying my best scowl at him. And he smiled. Yes ‘smiled’! I so hate that man. How could he be related to mum, i can never imagine. I was ready to cry again. But my heart wasn’t in it.

I had suddenly spotted ‘cookies’! My mum’s homemade chocolate-chip buttered cookies!!! I jumped out of the chair and lurched for them. Mum shooed my hand away. “Let your Uncle have them first, honey! Remember your manners.” Now i was shooting daggers at him. Could i hate anyone more? That filthy old man!! Hate him. Always comes to eat my cookies. I was ready to stick my tongue out at him. But i suddenly remembered my brother had once told me old people don’t do that. Sticking tongues out is for ‘babies’! ewww. So i stopped and seethed in silence. I saw him take one cookie after another and gush at Mum, “So yummy, sis!! You are so good at this.” The plate emptied in seconds and i stood there salivating. O to hell with pretense! “ mummmyyyyyyyy..................i want coooooooookkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!! Now, mummy! Cookie. Me. Now. Now."
I kicked at the shoes lying in the corner and threw the pearls on the floor. Mum picked me up and grimacing at Uncle, she took me to the kitchen and handed me a cookie! Ahhhhhhh, heaven!!!!
Being Old is so over-rated!


Asmi's Journal said...

Wow, this was awesome lol! I had a good laugh! :D

ambareen said...

Omg! Smbdy other than the people i bullied into cming here, actualy chkd out my blog! :O
wow! It's really an honor!...
Glad u hd a gud laugh. :)
hope i kp u laughing ;)

Inderjeet Singh (RICKY) said...

gud one dear....... really i strted imagining my childhood days......

ambareen said...

thank you, ji!.........:)
yeah, weren't thoz the gud "old" days!

Aurangzeb said...

I wonder how her ponytail is flying in the air like that!!!??? :P

ambareen said...

Hee hee! Probbly in anger! :P

Anonymous said...

hilarrrriousssssssss lady :D keep going..

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