I have been tagged by Asmi.
so here goes:
1. Do you think you are hot?
YES! finally, someone asked me! it sooo is true!
2.upload your favorite picture of you.

3.why do you like that picture?
because i look soooo hooooot!
4.when was the last time you ate pizza?
5-6 days back......went to pig out with my cousins.
5.The last song you were listening to......?
Picture of you by The Cure.
6.What are you doing right now besides this?
just finished up watching a movie-Ashley Tisdale starrer Picture This.
typical teen movie. waste of time.

7.What name would you prefer besides yours?
8.people to tag:
Cool Muslimah
Addicted to the disturbed state
Sir Adib
9.who is no.1?
my best friend.
10.no.3 is having a relationship with?
no idea.
11.Say something about no.5?
invisible!! :P
12.how about no. 4?
good advisor? :)
13.who is no.2?
Both of us headed to the same destination. :)


CooL MuslimaH said...



JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Assalam Ambareen
you've got a lovely blog here :)
and ya!!!! u r reeeally hott in that pic ;) ;)
Allah hafiz

ambareen said...

@cool muslimah: wot...hmm?? U mean no.1 best friend??
@jalpari: walekum, thanx a lot, mate! N thank u 2 for agreeing wth me. i AM hot! Yay! ;) :P
gud 2 connect with a new friend! :)

Asmi's Journal said...

lol your tag was fun to read!

9. So you're your best friend, huh? :D That's actually a good idea for me:
-who's your best friend?

in my opinion, Ambareen sounds way better than Aleena. ;)


CooL MuslimaH said...

Ambareen...kya ho gaya bachchey? itney din se mili nahi to zara kam samajh me aney laga..tsk tsk u need my company badly..obviously mate i meant -(wearily)- who is that no.1? and if u mean ur best freind is no.1 then ahem...

i know i sound whacko..u know i'm so overworked with sooo many cuzins mashallah and so much work load...but i'm happy...heeheee....alhamdulillah.

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